Top Video Hosting Companies

As many people know, there are any number of reasons why you would desire cheap video hosting. Whether it is for multimedia advertisements, podcasting, or even hosting fan submitted video, there are many motives for looking for a service to support video hosting.

icon[1]For instance, you may want to host a video for your associates to download, stream a video to share with others, or remotely host a video for your website. Fortunately, there are more than a few methods to achieve this task. Before deciding on a cheap video hosting service, you should first decide why and how to want to share videos.

For example, a person that wants to host fan submitted videos may decide to host on one of the many online streaming video sites like Veoh, Megavideo, YouTube, or other similar providers. These sites are good because they let people host videos online and allow you to stream the videos from a central website. This makes it possible for a larger number of people to see your videos.

These sites also have a large community that goes to those web pages sites faithfully. Because of this, you get people to view your videos. On a less positive note, there are a few disadvantages that arise from this method. The videos are often not high quality because of poor video resolution. This added to the small size of the video means that this may not be the best video hosting service for everybody.

Another cheap video hosting option allows you to host a video for download through providers such as RapidShare or Hotfiles. Although this method lends itself to a smaller number of viewers, you can retain the pristine quality of the video.

There is an alternate version of this process that gives you the ability to host your videos through torrent networks. People can download your video from the torrent site. This removes the necessity for you to host your videos. Instead, your videos are hosted on the computers of those people who frequent and download from torrent networks. Many people believe that this is a better option.

Those who choose to host videos remotely need to obtain more information about web hosting. It is important to note that the normal amount of space that is provided with most standard hosting plans is normally adequate. Yet, if you are currently using a cheaper plan that does not provide you a satisfactory amount of space, you should think about switching to another plan or provider.

There are other services that give you the ability to host your video files remotely such as FileAve and FlickCabin. These providers allow you to host your files on one of their directories. You only have to link to the videos from their location. Not only does this save you precious bandwidth but it also lets you upload files in a convenient way.

Whom you decide on as your cheap video hosting provider mainly depends on what your requirements are. Choosing a reliable provider is extremely important, because you must be sure that your time and resources are not wasted. If not, you may have to make adjustments later, which would be a huge waste of time and effort. Make sure that your hosting is not only cheap, but is also the best video hosting for your needs.