Top Shared Web Hosting Companies

Shared web hosting services are the most basic type of service available today with the hosting service providers. Before moving to the shared, let’s have an overview of the hosting services.

shared-hosting1[1]Today, many plans and packages are available for these services. The design of these depends on several criteria, some of them are:

1. According to the need of the users
2. Keeping the market along
3. Available features and hardware
4. Money
5. According to the size of the business or the website
6. Kind of services one need

Some common packages that have gained huge popularity are:

1. Dedicated
2. VPS
3. Managed
4. Cloud

What is Shared Server Hosting?

It is the most basic; you can say it’s a starter pack for anyone; it’s used to store or run personal site, blogs, personal website and the websites of small-scale industries. If you are hiring the services of shared, then you have to share the disk space, memory, bandwidth and much more. The thing is you need to compromise on these resources as these are not completely dedicated to your business; you are sharing these services with other client of that particular host. It has such limitations because you are paying sparingly less for limited resources.

It is further divided or we can say the modified versions are:

1. Managed shared hosting – The term “managed” signifies many things, in this type of service, your hosting account or we can say the business is completely managed by the host and each change and decision of the provider.

2. Unmanaged shared hosting – This signifies that the client manages the account and not the provider.

These providers offer you services you can select any option adhering to the needs and demands of the services.

These are further sub-divided into:

1. Dedicated shared – It is the hybrid of two services; Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

2. Shared virtual – This comprises the services of both, shared services and virtual private server.

It is even further classified by the operating system used in them. They are:

1. Linux shared – It’s the kind of operating system that runs on a Linux operating system.

2. Windows shared – This includes the use of windows operating system.

Shared hosting services are highly recommended for infant users, new entrepreneurs, clients with personal blogs and website. You can hire these services to get a complete overview of the hosting services.