Top Web Hosting Reviews

When scanning through web hosting reviews, there are a few terms that you will be seeing that you may want to know the meaning of to better understand what the review is all about.


Obviously most people would want to get the best value for their money, and most web hosting reviews will take this aspect into consideration. Most reviews will tell you how much you will be paying per month, and what you will be paying for. There are also sites which will give discounts when you sign up for more than a month’s hosting service.

“Domain Name Registration”

When you see web hosting reviews of web hosting companies, they often give good marks to those that offer domain name registration. A domain name is your identification inside the Internet, or if you have a website, it will be your website address (, this can be done separately, like registering a name for a trademark or reserving a company name. Separate registration of a domain name can cost up to $20 a year without a web site host, and on the other side of the spectrum, there are webhosters that will allow an unlimited number of domains to be registered by a client.

“Disk Space”

A web hosting company in essence will be leasing some space on its servers to the website owner. “Disk space” is the size in bytes or the amount of data a client can upload (and thus be made available to the public) to the webhost’s servers because of the number of bytes that they will allow you to use. Good ratings are given by web hosting reviews for sites that will let their clients avail of the most disk space for their websites.


This is the speed in which someone can browse through the website, upload to or download from the internet. Again, the higher the bandwidth capabilities, the better the web host company will show in web hosting reviews.

“Email Accounts”

Anyone who is online will have or know what an email address is. What these web hosting services offer are specific email accounts that have special addresses like

“Secure Servers”

Another important aspect that a web hosting service should take into consideration, this not only takes care of the integrity of the site and the contents, it is also responsible for guarding over the transactions within the website. If a website is created for commercial reasons, it is inevitable that at the very least money will be involved, as well as information that can be used for fraud.


This is a term applicable within reason, which is saying that there is no such thing as unlimited email, or disk space, or domain names, it’s just almost impossible for any user or website client to be able to use all the allotted slots or space for email, domain names and data that is available from the web host. This may be due to the fact that there are only so many sensible words or names that one can use for domain names.