BigCommerce Review

This BigCommerce Review is directed specifically at those of you who are looking to build an online store.

BigCommerce reviewBigCommerce is a website that is dedicated primarily to software that will help you build and run your own online store. The goal was to create a system that anyone could use to start their own online ecommerce website. BigCommerce was created by Interspire, who is also behind a number of other successful software titles. When doing a review of BigCommerce, there are a lot of different things that you can focus on.

The website features an independent blog, reseller program, current customer area, live stores, and much more. However, the common thread is the ecommerce software itself. There are several key focal points to consider when comparing the BigCommerce ecommerce software to other potential solutions. Here is a quick review of some of biggest benefits as well as the biggest potential drawbacks of using BigCommerce.

There are a number of features that can be very beneficial to people who are creating an ecommerce website. It is definitely considered to be a full-solution ecommerce platform as it provides everything that you need to run an online storing including: hosting, website building, payment gateway integration, shopping cart, and much more. In general, all of these tools are comparable to the competition, except the hosting. In general, the hosting storage space seems to be a little bit smaller than many of its counterparts, however it will still be enough for most people.

Another huge benefit of using BigCommerce is the returns system. It features one of the most flexible and effective automated return systems on the market. It is completely customizable so that you can make any changes that you need.

In general, the entire system is fairly easy to use, however if you don’t think that getting everything set up yourself is possible, you can opt to pay the $49.95 set up fee. This may seem expensive to some, however in general, this price is still on the lower end when looking at other competitors, especially considering what all will be set up for you.

When you are selling online, fraud protection is essential. BigCommerce will protect your customers data with 128 bit SSL certificate, hardware firewalls, and much more. Recent studies have shown that more people are leaving websites that do not “feel” secure than ever before.

When it comes to finding a full service solution there are a lot of different things to consider. The key is determining exactly what you need and making those features and tools a priority over additional features may be beneficial, but not necessary. For example, BigCommerce offer 25 different reports, but if you are using 3rd party tracking to gather information for you, then this is less important.

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