Top Reseller Web Hosting Companies

So, you want to have long chain customers with your own brand name and make money without the hassle of managing and maintaining servers? Well, then becoming a reseller web host can be the best venture. But before getting into the details it is important to know the concept of Top Reseller Web Hosting Companies and how it differs from the original/actual Web Hosting provider.

header_reseller_hosting_v5[1]An actual hosting provider typically sells services from the servers that it owns and maintains. They manage machines, network, DNS and the actual uplinks to the Internet backbone and computer(s) operating as server(s). They are the first hand providers of the web space services and offer 24/7 technical support. Any query is entertained by them directly.

Top Reseller Web Hosting Companies, on the other hand, enables you to start your own Internet based web space selling with the least or no start-up cost and technical equipment. A reselling hosting concept is somewhat similar to that of a retailer. A retailer procures the goods from the manufacturer and further sells them to make profit. A reseller is merely a merchant who sells the services provided by the actual hosting provider. Resellers do not have their own servers or network or any technical paraphernalia. The queries are also relayed to the actual host provider.

Before becoming a Reseller Web Hosting Company yourself,  it is essential to decide on what you wish to offer. Some resellers provide Web Hosting at a cheap rate and look to capitalise on the quantity. Alternatively, some design firms offer Reseller Web Hosting packages that augment their designing offerings and increase their customer base.

After deciding on what to offer, the next aspect is how to offer. Resellers have the option of selecting the form of Reselling Hosting Services. The couple of flavors of Reseller Hosting are:

1) Private partners – This allows you to be anonymous by not letting the end user know whether you are a reseller or the actual provider. A private partner is constantly in touch with the actual provider who provides all the necessary information and tools to sell the services as your own.

2) Public Partners – Here you get affiliate with the Hosting provider. It is your responsibility to find the customers. When the potential customers get converted into actual customers, the public partners are paid commission on each conversion.

Once the above aspects have been taken into consideration and your website has been created, the final step is to advertise it. Aggressive advertisement acts as a catalyst for your website with exotic design and web hosting.

Being one of the Top Reseller Web Hosting Companies is a wonderful concept that lets you make money without much hassle and effort. It makes the entire venture lucrative and exciting.