Top Dedicated Web Hosting Companies

As a small online business owner, you are undecided if you want shared web hosting or if you’d prefer to use on the of the top dedicated web hosting companies. The major downside to sharing web hosting means that you could be sharing resources and server space with literally hundreds of other websites, and if one site has a traffic spike, it could result in slower response time on your website.

top_dedicated_web_hosting_companies_icon-300x298[1]That is where the benefit of using on the top dedicated web hosting companies comes in. As a client, you lease the entire server that your website is hosted on, and share it with no one, which means more control for you and reliability for your website. The unfortunate downside to dedicated web hosting is the price, but with the hosting industry booming and competition being stiff, the prices are changing, and for the better.

Making use of one of the top dedicated web hosting companies means that you choose when the software is upgraded, and what is added. It also means that you can add new features and programs with full control, something that you don’t have with shared hosting.

As great as it all sounds, not everyone needs dedicated web hosting for their website. Top dedicated web site hosting companies are a great choice for those with a fair amount of knowledge of operating systems. The administrator of the dedicated server will need to be able to provide and apply kernel upgrades, add service packs and software patches, plus provide reliable security and be able to update applications on the server. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I haven’t even mentioned email, traffic monitoring or DNS services.

Another good feature of the top dedicated web hosting companies is that they permit corporate intranets, and can allow content restricted sites, which means you have control of what is allowed and isn’t allowed on the dedicated hosting server.

Larger corporations or companies benefit from the advantages of top dedicated web hosting companies. One example would be a web design company who not only designs websites but who also hosts them. A dedicated web host would allow the web design company to provide the hosting for the clients on the same server their own site is hosted on.

One of the most important things to remember is that regardless of a persons internet connection, that your site should be one to load quickly and that your downtime is limited to practically none. If you notice that your website is falling short on either of these two aforementioned things, then it could be time to consider switching to a dedicated hosting server or switching providers.

As with shared hosting providers, dedicated hosting providers are in abundance and while there are some that provide quality, reliable service, there are also those who are lacking in various areas or services. Remember that research is imperative in making an informed decision. Make a choice based on the results of your research and the general needs of your company and website. Remembering those key points can mean the difference in success or failure with your online business or website. Be smart in your choice. Using one of the Top Dedicated Web Hosting Companies is in your best interest.