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When scanning through web hosting reviews, there are a few terms that you will be seeing that you may want to know the meaning of to better understand what the review is all about.


Obviously most people would want to get the best value for their money, and most web hosting reviews will take this aspect into consideration. Most reviews will tell you how much you will be paying per month, and what you will be paying for. There are also sites which will give discounts when you sign up for more than a month’s hosting service.

“Domain Name Registration”

When you see web hosting reviews of web hosting companies, they often give good marks to those that offer domain name registration. A domain name is your identification inside the Internet, or if you have a website, it will be your website address (, this can be done separately, like registering a name for a trademark or reserving a company name. Separate registration of a domain name can cost up to $20 a year without a web site host, and on the other side of the spectrum, there are webhosters that will allow an unlimited number of domains to be registered by a client.

“Disk Space”

A web hosting company in essence will be leasing some space on its servers to the website owner. “Disk space” is the size in bytes or the amount of data a client can upload (and thus be made available to the public) to the webhost’s servers because of the number of bytes that they will allow you to use. Good ratings are given by web hosting reviews for sites that will let their clients avail of the most disk space for their websites.


This is the speed in which someone can browse through the website, upload to or download from the internet. Again, the higher the bandwidth capabilities, the better the web host company will show in web hosting reviews.

“Email Accounts”

Anyone who is online will have or know what an email address is. What these web hosting services offer are specific email accounts that have special addresses like

“Secure Servers”

Another important aspect that a web hosting service should take into consideration, this not only takes care of the integrity of the site and the contents, it is also responsible for guarding over the transactions within the website. If a website is created for commercial reasons, it is inevitable that at the very least money will be involved, as well as information that can be used for fraud.


This is a term applicable within reason, which is saying that there is no such thing as unlimited email, or disk space, or domain names, it’s just almost impossible for any user or website client to be able to use all the allotted slots or space for email, domain names and data that is available from the web host. This may be due to the fact that there are only so many sensible words or names that one can use for domain names.

Hostgator Review

hostgator review

This article will help you in your search for a quality web hosting company as we conduct a HostGator Review.

hostgator reviewIf you plan on having your own website, then it is important that you have the best website hosting possible. Not only do you need a service that has very reliable servers, but you also want to it to be very affordable and be loaded with many different options that will make maintaining your website very easy. One particular company that has a great reputation for providing people with this type of service is HostGator.

According to many customers, they have the best website hosting service on the internet. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but they definitely are one of the best in the industry. In this review, we are going to take a look at the HostGator’s supposedly “best web hosting” services and see just what it is that they have to offer.

HostGator Web Hosting Services Overview

HostGator is a service that provides many different hosting solutions including shared, reseller, and VPS hosting, and dedicated servers as well. They currently host over 8,000,000 domains and are the biggest, most popular, and one of the best web hosting platforms on the internet. They have been in this industry since 2002 and provide service to clients in over 150 different countries. They have also received over 20 different awards that cover everything from being the Best Small Business Hosting Provider in 2011 to Fastest Growing Private Company in America from Inc. 5000.

There are many different advantages to using HostGator as your provider. One of the biggest advantages is that their servers have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is huge because you don’t want to have to worry about your website going down especially when you need it the most. I have seen this happen to several people and it ended up costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

They also provide a very affordable service that includes a 45-day FULL money back guarantee. Their shared hosting plan gives you three different options to choose. These include their baby plan, hatchling plan, and business plan. Each of these solutions will provide you with exactly what you need for your website needs and they are all very affordable as well. Hostgator is known for having one of the cheapest and best web hosting services on the internet.

HostGator also uses the cPanel platform which contains many great tools that will help you to maintain your website. cPanel is a very user friendly interface that will allow you to get access to many awesome features such as Fantastico, Instant Shopping Carts AWStats, and much more.

By using HostGator, you will have access to:


Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domains, Email Accounts, and FTP Accounts
Free SiteBuilder applications
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc
Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
Fantastico Deluxe, 1-click installs For WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, and much more

My favorite thing about Hostgator is that they are one of the very few hosting services to give the customer an option to pay monthly to minimize the customer’s upfront costs. Whether you are starting a blog, static website, a shopping site, or whatever, Hostgator will give you all the tools to set up your website, as any company in consideration for being the best web hosting provider should.

Another great advantage to using HostGator is that they will provide you with award winning support that is available 24/7/365. You can either get premium support by using the phone, or you can make contact with them via their ticket system or live chat as well. No matter what type of help that you need with their service, you will be able to get in contact immediately whenever you need to (unlike with most other hosting companies).

Any Complaints About HostGator?

While HostGator does appear to be the most popular web hosting company on the internet, they do get a few complaints from time to time. These complaints seem to range from issues with customer service when it comes to sales, or websites running slow. While these seem to be isolated issues, they do occur nevertheless. This however does not seem to be a major problem with HostGator because these are common complaints that you will find with all hosting services.

Is HostGator Right For You?

Hostgator is a highly dependable web hosting provider that is affordable and will provide you with everything that you need to put your website online. If you are new or are technologically challenged, you don’t have to worry because their live support is always on 24/7 and it is very helpful. Although they may not have enough going for them to be considered the “best web hosting” service (Bluehost is more fit to take that crown), they definitely deserve a spot in the top 5.

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IX Hosting Review

ix web hosting review

In an effort to assist you in finding the Top Web Hosting Companies, we are continuing on our quest with this IX Hosting Review.

ix web hosting reviewIX web hosting is a thoroughly professional web hosting service provider. The hosting company has been providing quality hosting services for the clients from 1999. Right now IX Hosting hosts more than 500,000 websites which is the testimony of the quality of service they provide.

Essential web hosting features
IX Hosting offers a lot of great features with all the hosting packages they offer. Along with the general packages you will get unlimited bandwidth, disk space and domains. You will also get free of cost web builder tools and 1 domain registration. The site offers 99.9% up time which is just incredible. There are also tons of other features available along with different packages to make your website more efficient and smooth. The site offers VPS and Cloud hosting for the clients.

Available Web Hosting Packages

When it comes to packages, you will have a lot of options to pick from. There are 3 basic packages for regular Linux hosting. The packages are expert Plan which costs $3.95 per month, Unlimited Pro and Business Plus at $7.95. If you are looking for Cloud hosting you will have 3 plans such as Professional Cloud Plan, Business Cloud plan and Corporate Cloud Plan to pick from.

The packages include all the essential features and costs $99.99, $174.99 and $249.99 respectively. Clients looking for VPS Linux hosting can pick from 3 plans which are X2 Linux, X4 Linux and X8 Linux. All these packages are equipped with features to help you build and run the Linux based sites efficiently. You will have to pay $29.95, $54.95 and $89.95 per month.

All these packages are provided along with a trial period of 30 days. If you want to postpone the services within this time, you can have your money back. You will have spam filtering, PCI compliance and dedicated malware team. They have their own data center and provide you with full time admin coverage.


They use McAfee security and test the hosting on a daily basis. The shared hosting they offer is equipped with a lot of essential features which are unlimited in quantity.

Reliability and Customer Support

IX Hosting is a secured web hosting provider. They provide you with a SSL certificate and an automated validation without having to go through any paperwork. They also have an unlimited Re- Issuance policy for the clients.

IX hosting has earned massive popularity for the excellent customer service they provide to the clients. If you are just starting, you can go through the tutorials available at the site and have the basic things covered. There are different contacts details for the new and existing customers through which you can get in touch with the support team.

You can also call the number given at the site if you want to talk to someone personally. There is a live chat option which can be used to make real time contact with the experts at the support team and resolve any technical or billing issues you might have with your web hosting.

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1 and 1 Hosting Review

From all of the other user reviews I have read, the 1&1 Hosting Review was the most painful to take in.  Below are some of the reviews of 1&1 Hosting:

“They became too big for their own good

1and1-logo-610x610[1]I’ve been with 1&1 for more than a decade and I hold or manage several accounts with them. Recently, I experienced customer support issue that is so taken aback, I am considering moving out. I started on MS Exchange service, after solicited by their sales rep. But they started it on one of my clients’ account, not on my main account. My client’s credit card was charged. When I contacted customer service, they said I did not cancel early enough to prevent the charge. Of course it was not possible to cancel any sooner than I did on their cancellation site. Then they said “we do not have a specific tool to cancel this feature with immediate effect and due to security purposes we do not cancel or alter customer’s accounts through email as well”. In other words, “sorry for the mistake but once we stick the charge on you, you got to pay”. I am still fighting on this transaction, but they are not giving me confidence. Why anyone will chase 10+yr customer away for just $10 charge? Unbelievable. ”

I have now read several posts that are nearly identical to yours, differing only in the very minor details. Each complaint I read complains most vehemently about being charged for services not received and/or not being able to contact customer service (or the fact that cutomer service does not return emails and other forms of comunication) to resolve this or other issues critical to running a business. This is utterly horrifying and truly disgusting! It is also why so many people, even in this day and in which e-commerce has become so popular that it is now on the verge of overtaking traditonal brick-and mortar commerce, will not even consider purchasing anything via the Internet, let alone actually do it, and such online companies give other honest, trustworthy, and reliable online companies a bad name.

If you look carefully at 1&1′s Web site, you will notice that is has a rather striking feature–or, rather, an absence of a normally striking feature. Even when they drone on and on about how many awards and testimonials they have received, NOWHERE on their site do they display the most important seals indicating that a business engages in what are generally accepted “good” business practices from the most well established and reputable organizations that award such seals, namely such organizations such as the Better Business Bureau Online (, the (original) Better Business Bureau (, Truste (, and Trustwave (, and a few others. Sure, they have all sorts of hosting seals, but they do not have even one of these truly important seals, and, frankly, these are really the only ones worth their “salt,” so to speak, since so many “seals” can simply be purchased from rather nonreputable (and usually dishonest) companies that often disappear overnight, very unlike the organizations I listed above.

So why are such “beacons” of trustworthiness so absent on their Web site if they are really the largest hosting company in the world and so incredibly terrific as they claim to be? Actually, I don’t really know the answer to this with unequivocal certainty, but such a lack of what online businesses universally consider to be crucial messages to their customers that these businesses are truly honest and worth the customers’ trust (i.e., these seals on their Web sites) indicates extremely strongly that 1&1 either could not obtain these seals, probably because the organizations that grant them would not award a seal to 1&1 due to their lack of confidence in 1&1 or, at least, 1&1 does not consider the seals to be of any real importance–and this alone screams that 1&1 ia not to be trusted. THUS, WE END UP WITH A SEEMINGLY UNENDING LIST OF COMPLAINTS NEARLY IDENTICAL TO YOURS ABOUT 1&1′S SUSPECT, IF NOT OUTRIGHTLY DISHONEST, BUSINESS PRACTICES!


Well, enough of my moralizing! Let me move on to how you may do more than just being able to vent at a forum like CNET (which, of course, is of infinite value to others since you let others know to avoid 1&1)and actually resolve problems with 1&1 you are facing for not only some personal satisfaction, but also in order to get 1&1 to give you the attention and services for which you have already paid them.

Yes, if you can reach anyone at all at 1&1 by telephone (otherwise, you willm unfortunately, be forced to email them or to write an actual letter, which usually packs more punch than an email), ask immediately to speak with a supervisor; do not speak with the first person who answers the phone because the main purpose of this person is to act as a gatekeeper, or screener, and to deal with the most mundane of the company’s issues, thus allowing more upper level employees free to do more important or involved tasks. Really, if you absolutely INSIST that you will not speak at length with anyone other than a supervisor other than to let the screener know the KIND of problem you have (not the actual specifics of the problem), the screener has no other choice but to pass your call on to a supervisor. Of course, get the name and identification number (most employees have such and I.D.), and write these names down along with the time and date of your call and any important specifics of the conversation. When you get ahold of the supervisor, succinctly and calmly but, nevertheless, very firmly (acting extremely angry at this point will only make the supervisor dismiss you as just another “nutcase” who call to yell at him/her and put obstacles in the way of solving your problem) describe your problem and why you are now upset about how your problem has been treated (or, actually, mistreated). Then, tell the supervisor that you are truly exasperated at how you and your problem have been dismissed by the company. Then, finally,–and here comes the punch–tell the person that you will be initiating a series of complaints if your problem is not completely resolved within 24 hours; do not budge on the time frame (unless it is really PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for them to resolve your issues/complaint IN FULL within 24 hours). Tell him/her in no uncertain terms that you have already exhausted your patience and that without fail your complaints will begin 24 hours after your conversation with the supervisor if your issue/complaint is not FULLY resolved–and be ready to keep your word and act on this if you do not receive a full resolution to your problems. Then tell the person that you will contact: the Online Fraud Complaint Center, the Better Business Bureau (both online and the traditonal BBB), the FTC, and the State Attorney General’s office in both 1&1′s state and in your own state, if you do not live within the state of residence of 1&1, to file formal complaints about 1&1′a dishonest business practices. Believe me, if the person takes you seriously (which is why you must follow through with your threat if your issue is not resolved within the time frame you delineated, usually 24-48 hours) and knows ANYTHING about ANY of the above organizations/offices, the person will know you mean business and will do his/her utmost to ensure that your needs are met. These offices, while some (especially the Attorney General’s office since the are often backlogged with cases and complaints) may take a bit of time to get around to taking action on your complaint, will put the fear of God into any Internet businessperson (and other businesspeople) because of the recourse these true institions in our culture have with regard to any business about which you have a complaint.

Well, anyway, I know that was long-winded (I haven’t slept for two days, and I get a bit unfocused with no sleep =) ), but I hope it helps. Good luck! =) 


What do you think? Leave your own 1&1 Hosting Review in the comments below.

iPage Review

ipage hosting review

iPage is amongst the top web hosting companies in the world. That is what I took away from my iPage Review.

ipage hosting reviewThe company has a decade of experience, and has organized sets from business to individual not to for revenue and social websites in that time. Their characteristic is usually “flexibility, ” because they realize that no two clients have the same needs. This guarantees that you can to create the web page which you will want, with no problem or even difficulty.

You will also find that iPage can handle a remarkable range of different devices, such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage as well as Movement, and also allows someone to create your own value to ensure you possibly can personalize your web page if you can ,.

In inclusion, iPage provides the best in web webpage protection, defending both you along with your guests. Mixing day-to-day trojans tests, trash checking, SiteLock systems and website confirmation, iPage locations your protection first.


  • Unlimited hard drive place
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unrestricted domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • On-line assistance system
  • Anytime money-back ensure
  • Chat, e-mail and cell phone support
  • Free on the world wide web store

Pricing Concerns

Price is actually an important issue when assessing web host solutions. However, with iPage, you can depend on low costs that works with your funds. While other serves present tiered costs and create you pay extra for a lot of niceties, iPage goes the stove and gives you everything on an amazingly cheap cost. Simply $3. 50 per month gets you all the functions the organization offers, such as marketing sources, endless hard drive position and bandwidth, support guidance, a no cost web shop and much more.

Reliability and Up-time Details


When assessing the top web hosting companies, you need to take the actual host’s stability and uptime under consideration. After all, if your web page is down, then your clients cannot look into. This means missing revenue for you personally.

However, iPage can function 99. 9% uptime, and that is about as excellent the way it gets. The host’s stability is additionally renowned. These two aspects alone ought to be enough to persuade an individual that iPage is a good choice for your web host needs, but the attributes above provides even more benefits for those selecting to participate with this coordinator.

Manage Panel

Obviously, you’ll want to know what sort of person interface you’ll suffer from. Often, the quality from the person program can do or die a link between a customer as well as a coordinator. Now, while iPage does not use cPanel, don’t enable that prevent you. Their custom-built person interface provides as often versatility and management as it’s advisable, over all aspects of your web page. It even provides some functions that you just won’t discover with cPanel.

iPage Customer support

An essential component of discovering a fantastic web coordinator is discovering one which loves you enough to make available excellent support assistance as well as assistance. Here, iPage moves beyond the cod. In truth, they’re an unusual kind currently, where many organizations think that excellent support assistance is offering an e-mail. iPage offers e-mail assistance, discussion guidance and cellphone assistance. Moreover, you’ll discover lessons, a new platform of knowledge, FAQs and more on the net page to aid you.

What do you think? Leave your own iPage Review in the comments.

BlueHost Review

blue host review

If you are new to web hosting, you need to read reviews to know which web hosts are the best. For your educational indulgence, I offer you my BlueHost Review.

blue host reviewBlueHost continues to be offering web hosting services since 1996. It is regarded as being one of the earliest serves. Until today, this company has managed to survive in this fiercely contested web hosting service industry while many other programs come and go. This tells us that they’re a company that has the capacity to provide quality hosting service for their customers. This is the crucial reason why they are still strong and running from the hosting industry.

Equipped with high grade equipment, BlueHost is a firm that uses modern quad computers, mirrored backups, backup generators and 24/7 monitoring by their trained staffs. Doing this is to ensure of which their service remains in an optimum level. Their net connection is also superb giving a 2GB per minute bandwidth.

As for their packages, they have adapted for the simplicity of packages these days by offering a a single price package. They are well-known for his or her ‘Platinum Pak’ plan that offers 1500GB of disk storage space, 1500GB of bandwidth as well as industry standard features pertaining to only $6. 95 monthly. Users will also are able to host unlimited amount of domains and sub-domains below one account.

Like many other hosting companies, BlueHost also provides cPanel control panel. It is considered as the most used control panel system these days. With cPanel, web administrators can easily navigate and configure their hosting account easily. BlueHost also provides Fantastico that will allow users to install many software packages based on their needs. There are programs for blogs, forum, information management system, picture art galleries, online surveys and etc. Fantastic is a great tool a large number of webmasters like and by giving it in their options, BlueHost has added more value to their programs. For more advanced users, they will have use of many scripting languages like PHP5, PERL5, Python, Dark red On Rails and CGI. Thus, it is great users from all sorts of level.


As for the reliability on the service, BlueHost claims that they are able to provide users with a new 99. 9% uptime. No users will be happy with all the features and tools with out a good uptime. According to help tests being done, the general uptime that was monitored for the period of 3 months have demostrated that the uptime provided by them have achieve the 99. 9% target. Even so, there was a tiny amount of downtime throughout the assessment period but that amount is regarded as being very small if many of us compare it with some other hosting providers.

From the facet of support, users will have the capacity to obtain support through their online help centre. In it, there is a huge directory articles covering a range of subjects. Many users find solutions really easy by using the support centre. Alternatively, users can contact the support staff through the normal way by using wither phone, email or maybe live chat room. They provide 24/7 support and this is wonderful for their users as the support staff could possibly be contacted anytime when one is facing a problem making use of their account.

In conclusion, BlueHost is a company that features a lot off experience and is undoubtedly a reputable company because many experts have around for such a long time. So, if you are trying to find a hosting provider, you could consider BlueHost to be your selection.

What is your BlueHost experience? Leave your very own BlueHost Review in the comments!

FatCow Review

fatcow hosting review

Navigating the endless web hosting mine fields are tiring. For that reason, many people rely on dependable web hosting reviews to make a knowledgeable choice when selecting a web host. For your convenience, I have conducted many web hosting reviews and it’s time that I present to you my FatCow Review.

fatcow hosting reviewThere are so many top shared web hosting companies are around in today’s web hosting market and among them all, FatCow is unique and providing great hosting services to the people. It began over 10 years ago and has got lot of customers as their fans. When compared with other web hosting companies, the word ‘FatCow’ is really different and this is nothing but that their team saying that their services, plans and offers are different from what other hosting companies provide for their customers. Different in the sense, the plans and offers provided by FatCow cannot be found in any other company announcements because when you visit the site you can find that all the features and plans are compared with FatCow related words. Of course, this is however a good comparison at all.

One plan that you never find anywhere in today’s competitive hosting world is FatCow Minimoo Plan, which is a plan of cost $5 per year and using that plan you can have your online presence with just a domain name and email address. It also allows you to build your own page as your wish using SiteDelux site builder which is easier and drag & drop interface which make even the newbie without any design and technical knowledge towards creating an effective and beautiful webpage for the world Internet users. If you are not ready for a full web hosting product, then you just post a more generic under construction page and almost everything that you can done with this minimoo as you can able to do in FatCow full hosting plan.

Some of the open source scripts and apps such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, GBook, Poll, Survery, Counter Tools, Gallery, and much more Script Library that you find in basic hosting plan of FatCow will also you can find in Minimoo Web Hosting plan of FatCow.

FatCow Minimoo plan is more suitable for those who are just beginning an internet business. There is also no setup fee whatsoever.

Some of the features that Minimoo plan includes are:

  • 1 Email Account for life
  • Coming Soon Page (Under Construction Page)
  • Newsletter Management Facility
  • Spam Filtering Option
  • Forward and Auto Responders
  • 1 – Click Script Installation (Open Source Apps)
  • Customizable Control Panel
  • Webmaster and SEO Tools

In short, FatCow belongs on the Top Web Hosting list of top web hosting companies. What is your experience with FatCow? Leave your very own  FatCow Review.

ServerPronto Review

serverpronto review

This ServerPronto Review is very special to me because it is a review of one of my favorite things: Dedicated Server Hosting.

serverpronto reviewServerPronto review imageServerPronto offers the best price in the dedicated server business. ServerPronto is breaking the price barrier for dedicated hosting not by offering a sub-standard product at a low price, but by offering a top-quality, feature rich product at an incredible price. ServerPronto offers fast, reliable servers with everything you need to operate on the Internet. Whether you are using server for web development, tinkering, email, photos, gaming, reselling, or all of the above and more, ServerPronto will deliver an outstanding experience.

The World’s Most Inexpensive Dedicated Server

ServerPronto is the best deal on dedicated servers. Monthly and setup fees of ServerPronto are the best in the business, especially with network uptime guarantee. ServerPronto continuously focus to deliver competitive prices all the time. Now ServerPronto offering FREE Setup when you choose Quarterly Billing and activation within 2 hours! You can also easily customize your dedicated server. That means you have option to choose Hard Drive, RAM, Operating System, Control Panel (CentOS, Debain, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Gentoo, OpenBSD, OpenSUSE, RedHat Enterprise Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux 64 Bit, Suse, Ubuntu, Ubuntu 64-Bit, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 64 Bit, Windows 2003 Enterprise, Windows 2003 Web, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 64-Bit, Windows 2008 Enterprise, Windows 2008 Web), Microsoft SQL, Managed Firewall, 24/7 Uptime Support,FTP Backup Space, Additional IP Addresses, Port, Bandwidth and Voice Support option.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

ServerPronto offers 99.99% network uptime guarantee. Carrier Class data centers feature state-of-the-art hardware, network and fully redundant connectivity to provide customers with a high-performing, reliable server. All the servers have plenty of power to meet customers’ needs, and the connection is fast and reliable.

Premium Multihomed Bandwidth

ServerPronto utilizes the Infolink network which maintains multiple redundant direct fiber-optic connections to Tier 1 Internet backbones. All ServerPronto bandwidth is dynamically routed to the fastest available carrier utilizing the latest BGP4 technology. Your server will be directly connected via a 100Mbps Full Duplex switched Ethernet Port. All of this means that you will have an extremely reliable, fast (100Mbps) direct connection to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones. This type of Internet connection is used by most of the world’s largest websites including Yahoo, MSN, and CNN.

Premium Grade New Servers

ServerPronto servers are assembled with quality components that can withstand demanding data center environments. Unlike other dedicated server providers, you will be delivered a new server that has never been used by another customer.

24/7 Customer Support

ServerPronto provides responsive and experienced 24/7 customer support via e-mail and ticketing system. Customer support is consistently very courteous, helpful, and quick. Their seasoned technicians are also available when you need them.


ServerPronto has been awarded several Top 10 Dedicated Server Awards. This award is given to companies that offer outstanding performance and value for dedicated servers.

What has your experience with ServerPronto been like? You are welcome to write your own ServerPronto Review in the comments.

JustHost Review

JustHost review

It is very prudent to find the top web hosting companies that meets your budget and exceptional features for your website and a high quality of customer support. Of course, there are so many companies out there to provide feature expensive hosting plans but not all the providers meet all your expectations. But, JustHost is not in this case. It has well featured plan as well as affordable price with quality technical and customer support, as you will see in this JustHost Review.

JustHost reviewJustHost Review imageJustHost is providing plans by targeting students, hobbyists, webmasters, developers and administrators who want to create website and maintain regularly. We can also say it as personal sites or blogs. Their cheap plans are suitable for small or medium or large level businesses also.

As far as JustHost plans are concerned, for shared web hosting, you will find two types of plans and they are JustPlan and JustPlan Premium Plan. Both plans include cPanel which is No.1 control panel comes with price range of $3.45/month and $6.95/month respectively. These plans include all the features needed for a business website such as OSCommerce Shopping Cart, SSL Secure Server, Agora Shopping Cart, PayPal Support, and Password Protected Directories. Not only that you easily install various CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, b2evolution and so on in few clicks which all comes under Fantastico Script Library, it is easy to install and can do it few clicks. Some of the other applications that you can find in Fantastico are Zen Cart, PerlDesk, phpESP, Gallery and much more.

JustHost has also plans for resellers who want to earn by reselling the space provided by JustHost. Reseller plan ranges from $19.95 to $89.95 and includes Latest Web Hosting Manager control panel and Latest cPanel for users. In addition, you can also find free billing system and client manager. JustHost is famous for the feature any time money back guarantee and by that you can just test their hosting services and if satisfied you can continue with their plan.

BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce review

This BigCommerce Review is directed specifically at those of you who are looking to build an online store.

BigCommerce reviewBigCommerce is a website that is dedicated primarily to software that will help you build and run your own online store. The goal was to create a system that anyone could use to start their own online ecommerce website. BigCommerce was created by Interspire, who is also behind a number of other successful software titles. When doing a review of BigCommerce, there are a lot of different things that you can focus on.

The website features an independent blog, reseller program, current customer area, live stores, and much more. However, the common thread is the ecommerce software itself. There are several key focal points to consider when comparing the BigCommerce ecommerce software to other potential solutions. Here is a quick review of some of biggest benefits as well as the biggest potential drawbacks of using BigCommerce.

There are a number of features that can be very beneficial to people who are creating an ecommerce website. It is definitely considered to be a full-solution ecommerce platform as it provides everything that you need to run an online storing including: hosting, website building, payment gateway integration, shopping cart, and much more. In general, all of these tools are comparable to the competition, except the hosting. In general, the hosting storage space seems to be a little bit smaller than many of its counterparts, however it will still be enough for most people.

Another huge benefit of using BigCommerce is the returns system. It features one of the most flexible and effective automated return systems on the market. It is completely customizable so that you can make any changes that you need.

In general, the entire system is fairly easy to use, however if you don’t think that getting everything set up yourself is possible, you can opt to pay the $49.95 set up fee. This may seem expensive to some, however in general, this price is still on the lower end when looking at other competitors, especially considering what all will be set up for you.

When you are selling online, fraud protection is essential. BigCommerce will protect your customers data with 128 bit SSL certificate, hardware firewalls, and much more. Recent studies have shown that more people are leaving websites that do not “feel” secure than ever before.

When it comes to finding a full service solution there are a lot of different things to consider. The key is determining exactly what you need and making those features and tools a priority over additional features may be beneficial, but not necessary. For example, BigCommerce offer 25 different reports, but if you are using 3rd party tracking to gather information for you, then this is less important.

Do you have any experience with BigCommerce? Leave your very own BigCommerce Review here!