About Us

About Top Web HostingAfter may years in the industry, Top Web Hosting has experience of a lot of web hosting companies. While many claim to be the biggest, the best, the cheapest etc that has not been our own experience.

Indeed, not all web hosting companies are created equal, making it difficult for anyone not actually in the industry, to choose the best company to go with to meet your individual requirements.

While we have tested and reviewed many of the web hosting companies listed on our site ourseloves, some reviews were submitted by partners. This is why we allow our users to comment in case they have differing views and experieinces they wish to share.

We are also constantly updating the information we provide to ensure that it is current. However, we are not responsible for any mistakes, omissions or misinformation that might occur, including personal experiences with those companies.

Opinions expressed on this site are based on either personal experience, those of our partners, or user comments. Your own experience could be different. If so we’d love to hear about it.